WhatsApp Group Links (Jan 2021) – Join More Than 5000+ Active WhatsApp Groups


WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best messaging application throughout the world. With the help of WhatsApp, people belonging to any parts of the world can interact via chat, voice call and video calls. Besides having a normal conversation, you can also join WhatsApp groups to get all the latest updates pertaining to movies, news, memes, music, sports, businesses, mobile apps, technology among others.

We all know there are millions of WhatsApp groups on the messaging app but finding and discovering the best and valuable WhatsApp group is not easy. If you are looking for the best and quality WhatsApp group links then you have come to the right place.

Unlike other websites, we will only share WhatsApp Group links that are currently active and have left space for new members to be added. Ever since Facebook purchased WhatsApp, the messaging app has become massively popular among the audience.

WhatsApp Group Links that we will mention here will be belonging to only from India but also USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Pakistan and multiple other countries across the world.

Apart from providing thousands of WhatsApp Group Links, here, we will explain what actually is WhatsApp Group link and how you can create it by your own and how you can join groups by using the particular link. Without any further ado, let’s go through.

What is WhatsApp Group Link?

WhatsApp Group link is nothing but a direct invitation to group the specific group on WhatsApp. Ever since WhatsApp dropped the feature to invite members via links, it has become quite easy to join any WhatsApp group.

Regardless of whether your number is saved in the phone, Admin of the group can add you through WhatsApp link or QR Code. Notably, only admin can create WhatsApp group link but you can share the same to add your friends or family members in the same group.

How to Create WhatsApp Group Link?

Don’t know how to create a WhatsApp group link? Well, don’t worry amigos, it is too easy. It is to be noted that only the Admin of the group can create a link. If you are not admin then you can ask the admin to make you an admin.

In order to create WhatsApp Group link, all you have to do is to tap on the ‘New Chat’ Icon and then select ‘New Group’. Once you created a WhatsApp Group, you need to follow these steps to create its invitation link.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Group that you created or you are an admin of the group.

Step-2: Now tap on the name of the Group ‘Status Daily’.

WhatsApp Group Links

Now, tap and on the three dots and then tap on an option ‘Group Info’.

Step-3: When you open the Group Info section, you will see the Invitation link.

WhatsApp Group Links

Step 4: Now, you see in the above picture that you can invite anyone via the Invitation link. The link is already generated. You just need to send it to the person who you want to be added in your WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp Group Links

Step 5: Apart from directly sending an invitation link, you can also copy it (see above pic) or revoke it. If you revoke it, it means, no one can join by using this link.

How to Join WhatsApp Group Using WhatsApp Group Link?

Joining any WhatsApp group using WhatsApp Group Link is quite easy. In order to do so, you merely need to have the WhatsApp Group link that you want to join. Once you have got the link, you need to tap on it and you will be redirected to the Group and then you have to tap on Join Group. When you tap on Join Group option, you will be added in the group, if it has not exceeded its limit of 257 members. 

Note: There is no limit, you can join as many WhatsApp group you want.

5000+ Best WhatsApp Group Links

There are millions of WhatsApp groups on Whatsapp. It is not possible to provide links to every WhatsApp Group. There are groups that only allow specific people in their groups while there are many groups that allow people from all walks of lives to join their WhatsApp group.

We will only share links of 1000+ WhatsApp Groups that can be joined by anyone. Yes, you just need to tap of WhatsApp group links and then you will be redirected to your WhatsApp application to join the group. If you find any of the following WhatsApp Group links are revoked, do let us know, so we can remove them from the list.

We have mentioned WhatsApp group links from dozens of genres such as Entertainment, News, TikTok Videos, Funny Videos, PUBG Mobile, Cheats, Netflix Premium Accounts, Adult groups, Girls WhatsApp Number, Tamil Aunty WhatsApp Number, Desi Bhabhi Groups, Dating, Hacking and more.

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WhatsApp Group for Movies

Entertainment WhatsApp Group

We hope, this post helped you to find WhatsApp Group that you wanted to join. If you like this post then please share it with your friends, family members on WhatsApp or Facebook.